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About Us

The WGHS Parents Club strives: 

To provide opportunities for parents of WGHS students to network, exchange ideas and work together on projects to benefit the WGHS students, staff and school.

To build working relationships with WGHS faculty and support the school by offering grants to selected teachers and staff.

To raise money for scholarships to be awarded each year to selected Webster Groves High School seniors.

To raise money for and sponsor a WGHS Senior Graduation Celebration, free of charge to all graduating students.

To help improve the beautification of our school facilities and grounds. 

Monthly Meetings

Our meetings are once a month, September through May of each year. Currently they are the first WEDNESDAY of each month, from 7 - 8 pm at the WGHS Library. There are many sub-committees who work throughout the month and year to make the overall club run.

Raise Funds

  • Fundraising Events throughout the year (Chili-fest, Social events, Savers Donation Drive, Show the Love Campaign, Raffles and more)
  • Statesmen Spirit Wear
  • Donations
  • Sponsorships

Support Students and Staff

  • Provide Educational Grants to teachers and staff at the WGHS.
  • Raise money and give Scholarships to WGHS Seniors.
  • Host the annual, free All Night Senior Graduation Party.
  • We publish the Buzz Book each year.
  • Our Hospitality Committee provides food throughout the year for staff during conferences.
  • Beautification of WGHS facilities and grounds. 

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